Download TutuApp for iOS (iPhone/iPad)


TutuApp is an app store for iOS which is supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. From latest iOS 12 to iOS 8 the app store will run smoothly. The VIP installer allows you to get access to apps and games for free.


Download TutuApp for iOS

[click here to install]

Method 1:

*Scan barcode using default camera (iOS 11 and later) to download the app*

Note: If you’re using older iOS version install a barcode scanner from App Store to scan it.

Method 2:

  1. Open this webpage – on Safari browser if you are not currently using Safari because other apps resist the download process.
  2. Use our download links below to download the TutuApp VIP iOS application.
  3. Tap on install option when you see the install dialogue.
  4. After the app is installed, Go to the device Settings and navigate to General settings > Profiles > TutuApp VIP and tap on “trust the application”.
  5. You can now use iOS app to run all applications on your iOS device.

Method 3:

1) Select Your iOS: iOS 12 / iOS 11 / iOS 10.3 / iOS 10.2 / iOS 10.1 / iOS 10

2) Download the file.

3) Install the Device Install Profile.

4) Enter Your Code.

5) Click “Install”.

6) The installation will start, once done enjoy the app.