TutuApp iOS 10.2

TUTUApp iOS 10.2



Bored of using the same old apps on your smart phone? Need some extra features on all the popular social media apps? TutuApp  is the app store where you can find all the tweaked and hacked apps. Hacked games add some more interesting features to the existing apps such as Instagram and make it more user friendly and fun to use and socialize with. TutuApp iOS has a huge collection of hacked and modified apps as well as hacked games. You might remember the TutuApp Pokemon Go version which is very popular among avid game enthusiasts. Modified games are even more fun to play because you get unlimited game credits or money, the character becomes immortal and you can set new high scores every day!

TutuApp also takes care of your media needs. You can download your favorite music from this app store, get hacked versions of music libraries and download your favorite tracks from their collection. It is the fastest growing third party app store where everything is available for free. You do not have to pay any charge to download any app or game from your smart phone and the app itself is free as well. This app store works well with all apple devices and the device you are planning to use it on does not necessarily have to be jailbroken. You can use this app store on iPad, iPhone, iPod etc effortlessly without reading any instructions thanks to the simple and user friendly interface. Only catch is that you will need to use a translator to use it to download apps or games on your device because the app itself is in Chinese so unless you understand Chinese I would recommend you to use Google translator.

Download TutuApp iOS 10.2

  1. First make sure you are accessing this webpage using the safari browser on your iOS device because it will not work with any other browser
  2. Download tutuappvip_ios10-2.mobileconfig
  3. Settings will open automatically, tap on “Install”
  4. Tap on “Install” again on the installation dialogue box.
  5. Open TutuApp and download free apps for your iPhone!

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