TutuApp iOS 10.1

TUTUApp iOS 10.1



If you are and iOS user, you are spending more then you need to on apps, games and music that you download from apple app store and you need a good alter native. TutuApp iOS 10.1 is the perfect alternative which can solve all your needs and for absolutely free of charge. It is a third party app store which provides apps for iOS users. The great thing about this app store is that you do not have to pay for the apps that you download. Yes, you heard it right; you do not have to pay for any app. Even the expensive, paid apps are available for free or charge on this third party app store and they work great with all iOS devices.

You not only get all the apps for free, you can also download free games. More than that, TutuApp iOS hosts one of the largest collections of hacked apps and games. Hacked apps are the same popular apps but with some added features by unofficial developers and are stable versions that will not crash. Hacked games are even more fun to play, you have more features unlocked and unlimited in app treats. You can download entertainment apps and download free media content without having to pay for songs.

The interface is simple, you can download apps that can also be shared with other deices. The app store works with all recent versions of iOS and you can get app for almost all iOS devices easily. The search feature is very accurate and delivers the desired result. TutuApp iOS can be used without reading any instructions but you will need a translating tool as it is in Chinese.

Download TutuApp iOS 10.1

  1. Open this exact URL on safari browser of your iOS device.
  2. Download Tutuappvip_ios10-1.mobileconfig
  3. You may be asked to fill in your password, tap “Install” twice and tap on “Done” to finish the installation process
  4. Open TutuApp app store on your device, use translator to navigate through and download your desired apps and games.

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