How to Use TUTUApp?

TUTUApp is a very popular third party app store for android and iOS devices. TutuApp App store provides free apps for smart phones and tablets. You can also download games etc from TutuApp app store. The best thing about using TutuApp app store to download apps is you can download many apps for free for your smart phone. It is packed with cool features like that, let us explore more about this third party app store.


Many of the users were confused on the downloading and installation process hence we have came up with a detailed guide how-to guide on it.

Follow steps below to successfully use TUTUApp.

How to Use TutuApp on Android?

  1. Download TUTUAppĀ for Android.
  2. Open the downloaded TutuApp APK and install it on your android smart phone.
  3. In case the android security blocks the installation process head towards Device Security -> Apps Management -> and allow app installation from “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Run TutuApp on your phone, open Google translate to decide what the options in the app store mean.
  5. Now if you want to install Pokemon GO hack, just type “Pokemon GO” in the search bar.
  6. When the app you wanted is in the search results, download it on your phone.
  7. Open file manager and locate the downloaded app and install it on your device and enjoy free apps!

How to Use TutuApp on iOS?

  1. Download TutuApp for iOS.
  2. Due to unsigned certificate Apple security may block the installation. Go to Settings -> Apps -> TutuApp -> Trust This App.
  3. Now open TutuApp app store on your phone.
  4. Search for the desired app in the search bar. You can also use the categories tab to narrow your search results.
  5. Download the app from search results and use it for free on your iOS device!

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